Conflicts occur individually on each planet. Each conflict awards crates to participants. There are 9 leagues in a conflict: Carbonite II (Attack any player), Carbonite I (Top 80%), Durasteel II (Top 50%), Durasteel I (Top 30%), Bronzium II (Top 20%), Bronzium I (Top 10%), Obsidian (Top 5%), and Ultra Chrome (Top 2%). Those leagues are in order, starting from the lowest leagues to the highest. The higher the league you end in, the better the rewards you get. Each league has it's own crate. There's the Carbonite Conflict Crate, the Durasteel Conflict Crate, the Bronzium Conflict Crate, and Obsidian Conflict Crate, and the Ultra Chrome Conflict Crate. You get can two crates if you place in the number 1 division of a league, and 1 crate if you place in the number 2 division of a league. Each conflict can last from two to four days. You earn conflict points by attacking enemy bases. Squad War attacks don't count. The more conflict points you earn, the better division you get in.

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