Supply Crates contain one reward drawn from a set of rewards including Credits, Alloy, Contraband, Crystals, units, and Data Fragments. Higher tier crates can contain exclusive items or higher quantities of resources. Heroic Defenses award Carbonite, Durasteel, and Bronzium Supply Crates, while daily objectives award Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Supply Crates. Squad Wars award a Bronzium crate upon victory and a Carbonite crate upon defeat, and these crates have different rewards from those obtained after Heroic Defenses.

Heroic Defense crates Edit

Crate Tier Possible rewards
Carbonite 1 5 gold
Durasteel 2 1 gold
Bronzium 3 -15 gold

Daily objective crates Edit

Crate Tier Possible rewards
Tier 1 1
Tier 2 2 Guaranteed: Basic or Advanced Data Fragments

Good chance of: Unit samples

Chance of: Contraband, Crystals, Credits, Alloy

Tier 3 3

Squad War crates Edit

Crate Tier Possible rewards
Carbonite 1
Bronzium 2

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